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Davidian family research —

Data visualisation, audio interviews, prints, workbooks. 2005

A research project on my family, mostly based in Los Angeles, USA. There were recorded conversations, questions, answers and some data visualisation produced based on these logs. There were four questions, which you can listen to below (a mix of the most interesting answers).

The first image displays numerous information I collected. The blue/pink words are the spoken words of family members, sorted by gender and age. The love/hate bar is the result of the question "Is there more love or hate in the world?". The half filled page at the bottom right is my grandma keeping a record of who called her and at what time, until my father unwittingly stole her marker some time after 1pm.

The second image is again the representation of the love/hate question. Twelve said love, ten said hate. As you can see in the last photograph, the image was made by really making a tape based work on the street outside my grandma's appartment.