(Untitled) Fubar wall/mural —

Wall construction and mural. 5m x 3m, mixed media. 2011

This is the exterior wall for the extension of Fubar, adding a third dormitory to the guesthouse. As it was the only wall facing any kind of light, the engineer Mark Reynolds and I decided the wall needed windows. Due to there being beds in the room and the room was on the street, privacy was an issue.

Our solution was to write the word "Fubar" in the wall with frosted glass bricks, the maths for which was transcribed from head, to paper, to Photoshop (by Mr Kaonashi), to real wall with glass bricks spelling Fubar (by Mr Reynolds). I then painted a cute colourful thing on top. The wall looks amazing at night with light coming through to the street. I should get a photo of that.