Gary Go - (self titled album) —

Special edition album artwork/sleeve, branding, press images. 2005

Gary Go makes amazing music. Working with Gary is amazing. He basically asks me to do whatever I want, and usually ends up loving it :) The first image you see here is a poster print, the whole of the album audio readout, with the lyrics placed in time with the digitised audio waves. The next more colourful image you see is the reverse side of the first poster, with each square (after the top left which is the album cover) representing a song from the album.

Below that you can see details from the posters, and the press images and an unused, alternative album sleeve. By the way if you ever happen to meet Gary Go, ask him to describe his (and my) face after he turned Kaonashi's computer off at 7am before hours of work was saved (2Gb Photoshop files used to take quite a pretty while to save in 2005...)