I am... —

Short movie. Friends and family of Kaonashi reading his polemic from their hearts (text under video), 1'40". 2006

I am a hurricane in New Orleans
a civil war in Libya a wall of water in Bangladesh
a famine in Ethiopia
I am a gulf of sand in Kuwait
an earthquake in Pakistan
The ice in the Antarctic
a seven thirty seven in New York
an electron en route to your socket
a zero digit en route to a web server
a car en route to a scrap yard
a letter in the post
I am the all seeing eye
a beautiful human being with feelings and emotions
delicate, fragile but unbreakable at once
a force ten times that of your god
don't anger me because I make, break and entertain the rules in my house
and I shall continue to smite all those
who do not live
a true
meaningful life.