(Untitled) Island scene —

Mural. 8m x 3m wall, mixed media. 2012

The backdrop for good times... The main wall of Fubar was grey and boring, so I decided to paint an island scene with water, boats, sunshine and land. The idea was to calm the sometimes insanse partygoers with a relaxing, beautiful image. I think it worked :) It was a long, physically and mentally difficult piece to finish. The main paint was applied through thick, randomised mixes of paint on a washing sponge, layered upon layer.

Half way through the first attempt, damp was discovered on the outside, and the painting started to crack and peel. So I waterproofed the whole wall from the outside, sanded away the inside painting and started again. The boats are made from driftwood made with a local Thai friend called Kai, a lovely fellow. Broken glass made the waves, and a mixture of cement and plastic moulds made the island. The rest is made from materials from the fun local school shop, glitter and ribbons!