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WD-40 —

Short animation. The tale of a rusty old lock seeking the elixir of eternal life, 2'02". 2005

WD-40 is a UK based company making the kind of sprays that loosen up old metals such as locks that won't work any more. I chose this spray as the theme of a short animation... So this little lock is pottering around the garage and happens to come across various other tools that seem to have all fallen to their deaths in a communal graveyard. He looks up to see what the fuss is all about... A big lovely can of WD-40; and so the adventure begins!

This was a reconstruction of my actual garage, and the resemblance is actually striking! Everything was made by Kaonashi, from the models to the textures to the animation, editing and audio production (banging bits of wood and metal together, great fun!). This video was made a long time ago on a slow machine, so the video is not so good quality. You can see still renders from the scene below the video, including some solo shots of the doomed for lock.